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Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Arte Studio, Florence, Italy. 2009

ABZ Press, November 2009. Cover Art (Book Jacket)

Book Jacket Cover Design for Finishing Line Press, Spring 2010

New Verse News, “The Flood of 2010” May, 2010

Each Breath I Cannot Hold, cover design for Wind Publications, 2011

The Island Blade, cover design for ABZ Press, 2011

The White Ibis, Ara Pacis Press, June 2012

When Israel Was Attacked, New Verse News. November 2012  

In The Song of Lisbon, cover design for Wind Publications January 2013

Cottage Reader, 6 poems, Spring 2013  

Mahala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai (Joseph Hutchinson and Andrea L. Watson, eds.), cover design for Future Cycle Press, October 2013.

Flare: The Flagler Review, 2 poems,  Fall 2013

Similar Speaks Poetry,  2 poems, Fall 2013, 1 poem, December 2013

Cover Design for Pencil Memory, Finishing Line Press, Spring 2014

Midway Journal, Lines of Riding Movement  (2 poems) Spring, 2014

Dark Matter Journal, The Song is a Road, Spring 2014

TheLakePoetry.Co.Uk,  3 poems, October 2014

Yew Journal, 3 paintings, Spring 2015

Excelsior Review, 1 painting, Spring 2015

Lalitamba Review, Cover Art & 3 poems, Summer 2016

Preistess and Heirphant, 2 poems November 2016

Flatbush Review, One poem, January 2017

Preistess and Heirphant, 1 poem, February 2017

Preistess and Heirphant, 1 poem, June 2017