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More About Me.

I wish I could make it more profound and exciting sounding, but to be frank, I just really, really Love to paint. More than any other thing I do. Painting makes me happiest; it is what I was born to do. When I pick up a paintbrush, it is an immense joy! For me, creating art is solving for freedom, it's about possibilities. I am truly obsessed with color, and color relationships. I'm very interested in color theory. I think about color and form a lot. Together, they are the primary concern in my paintings. If I were a Post-Impressionist, I'd be Matisse (the master of color and form). If I were an Impressionist, I'd be Renoir, because I am so happy when I paint and he may have been the happiest artist to live. Other interests beside painting include writing poetry (I have listed my published books below), cooking, hiking, beach time, and music. I love Classical music and cats. I have 7 cats presently, although that number could change any day. I also enjoy volunteering at the local food pantry. You can find my most recent work on my Instagram or The Art of Laura Eklund on Facebook. Please follow me on my socials below!



Morehead State University

While receiving my Master's Degree in Studio Art, my main areas of study were painting and art history.


Morehead State University

While receiving my Undergraduate degree in Studio Art, my main areas of study were photography, art history, and English (I minored in English). I had the unique opportunity to study with Jerry Ulesmann at a Walter Gropius Master Artist Workshop.

Published Books

The White Ibis. Selected Poems, Ara Pacis Press. 2012.

Song of Lisbon. Poems, Wind Publications. 2013.

Pine Needles. 2008.





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