I work primarily in three media: Oils, acrylics, & watercolors. Whether I am painting abstractly or painting a landscape, color and form are my primary concerns. Color relationships intrigue me. My study of color theory greatly influences my painting. I am fascinated at how one color effects another, and how one single color effects the painting’s part-to-whole relationship. Every element in my painting plays an important role; there is no gesture that is not important. It is my goal that every element in my artwork will create great harmony.

    The process of painting for me is nothing short of fascinating. Sometimes the paintings visualize and make themselves known completely in my head, before I ever begin painting, and then other times the paintings start with ideas and forms from nature that can originate from an organic form such as a tree, rock, or fallen leaf. The process can be very spontaneous; I can begin a painting by making a single brush mark, without knowing what I am going to paint, and then the process will take over and the ideas begin to form with the first brush mark. Other ideas for paintings, such as a more realistic rendering of a still life, require several studies.  The most important part to maintaining a high level of creativity is staying in the process and painting every day.

    My non-objective and abstract work is the most challenging for me. I find it very difficult to achieve harmony and unity relying on the elements of art alone, verses drawing objects from a discernible reality. I find it easier to draw exactly what I am seeing.  I am more interested in the expression of mood and emotion over representation.