International painter Laura Eklund has been admired in the USA and abroad for her non-objective and abstract paintings.

Her work, an aesthetic process with a primary concern for color, texture, and harmony, continues to earn her a world- wide reputation. The artist’s love of paint, color, texture, and process is deeply set in a need to fulfill the most serious ambitions in her medium. Working hard to fulfill her vision, her work has been honored for her unusual and original use of color and its many combinations, and very distinct and unique compositions. Laura is very inspired by nature, poetry, and The Great Master’s. Laura’s painting and writing is an extension of her own mythography--a private world of metaphor, color, dreams, symbols, and words. Also a published poet, Laura sometimes incorporates collage, writing, and mixed media in her paintings. Laura’s writing is a strong extension of her efforts in painting and drawing.


Laura has a Master’s Degree in studio art and Art History. She represented the United States in the Florence Biennale in 2009. Since then she’s secured an international presence exhibiting in four different countries. Her most recent international solo-show was with Colorida Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, opening May 28th of 2011.